[PNM-102] 'Estimate your shipping & taxes' shows shipping for default country only until logged in regardless of country selected Created: 08/Mar/12  Updated: 24/Dec/12  Resolved: 14/Aug/12

Status: Closed
Project: Partners & Natives Modules
Security Level: All-users

Type: Bug
Reporter: John O'Sullivan Assignee: Vincent SCHOENER
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If I purchase a product before logging in, I am presented with 'Estimate your shipping & taxes'. A random country is displayed in the drop-down for country selection but the shipping cost is for the 'Default Country' that is set in back office. It doesn't matter which country is selected from the country drop-down, it still shows the shipping cost for the default country even though it is updating. If the customer logs in and gives a delivery address then all is well. I get the same result with the two different carriers that I have set up, I have tried disabling each carrier in turn to see if one was causing the problem but the same result.
Am I missing something obvious?? A few others seem to have similar problem but I cannot find an answer. I have been through the weights, countries and zones settings several times but cant find anything wrong.

PS 1.4.7
Standard theme
Geolocation install but disabled until this problem is solved
Shipping by weight only
Taxes have been disabled

Comment by Vincent SCHOENER [ 27/Mar/12 ]


Thanks for your report.

Actually, the country set in the drop-down menu isn't random, it's defined at the first by the Default Country, and after by the one selected by the user.

About the carrier price, it's calculated by zone and not by Country, depending of the country, it could be the same price if they are in the same zone.

Everything is correctly refreshed and recalculated.

Let me now if I missed or misunderstood something


Comment by John O'Sullivan [ 29/Mar/12 ]

Hello, I dont think you misunderstood but I noticed this when I installed the recent version of PS first. I have since done 8 nore installs on Linux and Windows with v1.4.6.2 and v1.4.7.0 and have had it looked at by others and am still confused. Maybe it a small buggy program or just the order that I am setting up the system.
1) after a fresh install of PS I setup 2 zones for My Carrier and give them delivery prices, Europe = £5.00 and N.America = £10.00, default country = Ireland.
2) while not logged in, I purchase an item and then I am presented with the shopping cart. With some installs, this defaults with 'Shipping Estimation'. I think this is a wonderful module and would love to use it.
3) from the dropdown, I select somewhere in N.America but it shows the shipping cost for Europe.
4) if I extend this to more zones, reguardless of which country, in any zone, it still shows the shipping price for the default country.
5) if I move the default country to a different zone then the shipping price shown will follow the default country.

I hope this explains my problem as I have been writing this from memory, If you have the time then look at the link below and it will explain more.


I can disable the Shipping Estimation (I have tried v1.1 and v1.2) but but cannot prevent it showing up if I click on the shopping card icon, and so, have been unable to use PrestaShop.
Sorry for taking so long to explain but I hope this helps..

Many Thanks

Comment by Vincent SCHOENER [ 27/Jun/12 ]

This bug is linked to this one : http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PNM-170

I close this one.


Comment by andrea gelsomino [ 27/Nov/12 ]

Hi I downloaded and installed but doesnt' work on version
someone can help me?


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