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FO products-list.tpl not allowing for attributes being store specific when calculating totals available



      Hi there,

      I've found a bug with the 'products-list.tpl' when working out what stock notification message to display.

      When the default is not available, 'Product available with different options' shows when checking against 'quantity_all_versions'.

      'quantity_all_versions' is including all the attributes of the product, including the attributes that have been assigned to display only to other stores.

      To replicate:

      • create a multistore
      • create a product with two options via combinations
      • set one of the combinations only to display on one of the shops (shop A)
      • set the stock available of the combination that will only display on shop A to be anything > 0
      • set the other attribute/combination to have stock <= 0
      • go to the FO of shop B
      • Search for the product in a template that renders using 'products-list.tpl'
      • see that it it not displaying the 'Out of stock' notification
      • go in to the item and see it is highlighted as being out of stock and the dropdown only has a single item available for selection (this should not render at all)

      If you need any more information, please let me know and I wil do what I can to get it for you.



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