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Products not indexed, FO search results incomplete and different per language


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      I expirience massive issue with FO search funcionality.
      I operate multistore.
      All products are shared in between stores using same title and description.

      I use multilanguage:
      Primary store (ID1) uses folliowing languages:
      Lang ID1 (english)
      Lang ID2
      Lang ID4
      Lang ID5
      Lang ID6 (default for this store)

      Secondary store (ID5) uses following languages:
      Lang ID1 (english)
      Lang ID6 (default for this store)

      Issue 1)
      Primary store (ID1) returns incomplete search results for different FO languages. All produlct names/titles and short/long description includes identical keywords for all languages. So returned search results (found products quantity) should be identical for all FO languages.

      Search results for primary store are only complete for language ID1 (english). I.e for keyword VIRGINIA search returns 8 products. This is valid and complete list of products that match search criteria.
      But when FO language is set to ID2, ID4 and ID5 returned list is incomplete and shows only 4 products from the list of 8 which matches criteria.
      Search results for default language ID6 returns only 1 results from the list of 8 products matching criteria.

      Please note that searched keyword is present in products title and description in all languages - so search results should return IDENTICAL products quantity for each FO language.

      I did truncated ps_search_index and ps_search_word tables and then I rebuilt entire search index in BO. It didnt worked.
      I have checked how many records are in ps_search_word table for keyword 'virginia'. It is popular keyword in my stores and it matches to 8 products - IN ALL STORES and IN ALL LANGUAGES.
      So this keyword has 5 records in ps_search_word table - 1 per language - with different id_word. But it has it ONLY for store ID1 means default store. There is no records (indexes for other stores ID).
      Then I cross-referenced those id_word numbers in ps_search_index table for each language ID.

      Amount of records for the same id_word warry in between languages ID - and corresponds to search results returned on FO.

      I.e. for english language ID1 word VIRGINIA has 8 indexes (8 products has been indexed) and those are all products in stores with this keyword.
      But lang ID 2/4/5 has only 4 products indexed for this keyword and land ID6 (default language) only 1!
      As all stores share same product titles for all languages keyword VIRGINIA should be indexed 8 times for EACH of lang ID's.

      Issue 2)
      Searching returns no products on secondary store (for all languages).
      There is no indexes created for secondary store ID in ps_search_word table! Using 'rebuild entire search index' in BO doesnt helps. Even if I manually truncate ps_search_word and ps_search_index before reindexing. I have tried to reindex using secondary store working context and also 'all stores' context.

      Problems summary:

      • Searching on primary store returns complete search list only for lang ID1 (English).
      • Not all products are indexed for languages other than ID1 (English). Searching on FO using other languages returns less products than it matches to searched keyword for this language.
        I.e keyword VIRGINIA are present in the ttitle of 8 products in store in each language.
        Lang ID1 (english) indexing all 8 products
        Lang ID2/4/5 indexing 4 products
        Lang ID6 (default for the store) indexing only 1 product
      • No products being indexed at all for other stores (multistore) for all languages. Even if all stores share the same products and products has same titles/description in those stores.

      Rebuilding search indexes via BO doesnt solve those issues, regardles of working context used during indexing.


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