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      Recreate the situations in the issues i've mentioned.
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      Dear developers.

      While developing an application using the prestashop webservice (API) i've come across multiple issues that i think need to be mentioned, and fixed in the future.

      1 POST -> orders

      Posting orders through the webservice results in some difficullities while going through the 'addWs' function from the products class. One of the main, re-occuring errors within this loop is:

      // code placeholder
       Fatal error: Uncaught PrestaShopException: Fatal error in /home/something/domains/
       Stack trace:
       #0 /home/something/domains/ ToolsCore::displayError()
       #1 /home/something/domains/ PaymentModuleCore->validateOrder('475', '12', '26.99', 'Actieve betalin...', NULL, Array, NULL, false, '8ec50eee592a3c7...')
       #2 /home/something/domains/ OrderCore->addWs()
       #3 /home/something/domains/ WebserviceRequestCore->saveEntityFromXml(201)b
       #4 /home/something/domains/ WebserviceRequestCore->executeEntityPost()
       #5 /home/something/domains/ WebserviceRequestCore->f in /home/something/domains/ on line 964
       </pre></div>Other error<br />HTTP XML response is not parsable: array (
       0 => 
       'level' => 3,
       'code' => 4,
       'column' => 1,
       'message' => 'Start tag expected, \'<\' not found
       'file' => '',
       'line' => 2,

       Take note that all named errors and issues are checked, payment method , module, etc where all double checked and correct.



      2 Language filtering

      Working with the webservice it is not possible to filter languages, by that i mean filtering the language of product names, combination names, etc. There is no possibility of obtaining and filtering the language id's through the ``

      3 Deleting products and viewing orders.

      When someone delete's a product through the admin panel of a webshop all the orders with that product will return as cancelled orders. Due to this error the orders view generated by the orders data through the webservice is corrupted. (nothing is showed).

      4 Filtering orders, products, stock, etc. on warehouse level.

      It would be nice to be able to filer the data for each different warehouse. So by setting a warehouse id filter to => 1. I would only get the data in that warehouse.


      These are the biggest issues i've come across untill now by using the webservice.I think there's much more potential to the API than currently offered.

      As always, thanks in advance!




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