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Product position inside category does not work


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      I have problem with product position when I migrate from 1.6.x to 1.7.x

      When I have one product associated in two categories then product position inside the category get confused. For example:

      Product with ID 1269 is associated with Category: http://mywebsite.com/18-CARS and when the product is associated with Category: http://mywebsite.com/CARS/87-TOOLS then products Position inside category get confused only in category: http://mywebsite.com/18-CARS

      Product positions inside: ps_category_product: product 1268 position in category 18 – > 101 ; product 1268 position in category 87 --> 1 . And the result is: product 1268 position inside category 87 --> 1 BUT in category 18 - POSITION 2

      Example: http://dressqueen7.com/iskam222/18-zdrave-i-krasota and http://dressqueen7.com/iskam222/87-четки-за-гримиране

      I will attach screenshots of database and back office

      Here is what I made:

      1. Default order by: Position inside category - Default order method: Ascending

      2. Disabled the module Category tree links v2.0.0 - by PrestaShop

      3. Advanced Parameters --> Performance --> Clear cache

      4. Open the website with Chrome and IE edge

      5. Tried to move and disable products inside the category

      6. I checked database - all looks good.

      None of this helped

      The problem occurs with all products which are associated in 2 consecutive categories


        1. BO positions in category 18.jpg
          BO positions in category 18.jpg
          144 kB
        2. BO positions in category 87.jpg
          BO positions in category 87.jpg
          160 kB
        3. database ps_category_product.jpg
          database ps_category_product.jpg
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        4. FO category 18.jpg
          FO category 18.jpg
          139 kB
        5. FO category 87.jpg
          FO category 87.jpg
          142 kB
        6. presta 1.jpg
          presta 1.jpg
          188 kB
        7. presta 2.jpg
          presta 2.jpg
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